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Playing pretend was a favorite past time of mine in childhood. There was nothing better than creating a new persona and becoming someone else. I could escape my world and immerse myself in a new reality where I could be whatever I wanted. When I found out I could do that for a living, I was sold. Years later, here I am.


Project Zodiac

In a dystopian society wherein society is separated by zodiac sign, when a young man goes missing, his friends uncover an oppressive government laboratory experiment during their search.



Description coming soon...


Welcome to Shopmart

A girl gets caught shoplifting from her job and is confronted by her stern boss and her naive shift manager.


The First Movie by a Dog

A bunch of actors, two insane method directors, and a dog for a writer? This is a recipe for disaster.


In Retrospect

When two siblings have to pack the belongings of their recently deceased grandfather, one of them must let go of animosity in order to embrace the true memory of their guardian.

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A play by Scott Mullen made to film. "Ten teens wake in a room, with no idea of how they got there. They soon realize they are trapped inside, unwilling participants in a game of musical chairs in which the losers are supernaturally pulled through a door to their doom. As tensions rise and their numbers dwindle, can the survivors avoid being picked off one by one?"

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