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As a kid I loved writing. I loved creating new worlds that previously only existed in my mind. Now I've graduated from 15 page picture books to full-length TV, feature, and short scripts. From comedy to drama, there's something here for everyone.


Magic Control©

Procedural Series

In a world of magic, a young witch's past mistakes causes her to be stuck in the ever-scorned department of Magic Control where her obsession with being perfect becomes detrimental to her team.

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Ouija Hotline©


In a world where ouija boards are linked to an afterlife call center, a young spirit sneaks into the center and answers a call,  sucking her into the living world. She must find a way to get back home before the clock strikes midnight, trapping her in the human world forever.

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A college actor finds herself wondering why every movie deals with romantic love. Is something wrong with her? With her trusted friends, she goes on a road trip in hopes of understanding her feelings, or lack thereof. 


Last Night©


On their last night as college students, a group of friends go out to have one final night together. What was meant to be a crazy, carefree hangout turns into a life or death situation when they are abducted by an organized crime syndicate.


Project Zodiac©

Episodic Series/Short

In a dystopian society wherein society is separated by zodiac sign, when a young man goes missing, his friends uncover an oppressive government laboratory experiment during their search.

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House of Horrors©


An old, creepy house in the middle of nowhere on a silent night eats any sound into nothingness. Hiding in a closet, a young girl hopes that the mysterious figure doesn't find her. She's seen what he can do.

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